Technology dedicated to the acceleration of safety innovations

Technology dedicated to the acceleration of safety innovations, unleashing the flexibility of new technology. This enables end users to reduce cost and time on projects, while adopting legacy equipment into the IioT evolution. Smart efficient solutions based on industry needs.

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Who are Mimes

The founders of Mimes have decades of experience within industrial safety products and applications.

We know the challenges firsthand and has at the same time cutting edge technological knowhow.

Mimes can supply flexible and future proof safety solutions, which will help our customers today, but designed with tomorrow in mind.

With safety rated Industrial IOT solutions from Mimes our customers can invest in increased safety without large rip and replace investments or worry about what you buy today will be obsolete tomorrow.

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Our Innovations

The team at Mimes has used our application knowledge to close these gaps in the safety market. Spanning wireless inputs and outputs to addressable loops. The key focus is on making actionable information available and pushing it into our Mimes Cloud to enhance safety and operational excellence.

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Mimes Gateway is an protal from the devices on the Edge from using several protocolls and giving it an Gateway to Process controll, safety and preventive maintence services.

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Mimes RadioHub is the most sought-after Edge device to come to the Wireless market. It helps end users connect any device AI/DI/DO, modbus, OPC-UA and profisafe/profinet. Easy Ex flexibility with both IS and Exd certification and SIL2 capable.

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Mimes RadioSounder is the first Ex rated sounder with ISA100 wireless interface built in with SIL capability.

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Mimes RadioBeacon is the first Ex rated sounder with ISA100 wireless interface built in with SIL capability.

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RadioMCP/ PB

The Mimes RadioMCP/PB is the first call point/ push button that gives users the capability to get their manual alarming stations distributet anywhere on the site with no compromise. There is options for battery powered or line power with wireless IO.

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The MimesCloud is the focal point of all information available in the wireless infrastructure. Giving users the option to monitor and track all data and communications in the network. Documenting the functions, planning service and optimization based on logging data.

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